Muhammet drinking water delivery man girne +90 533 844 11 83

  • Adınız Soyadınız: Andrew Fraser-smith
  • Şikayet Edilen Ürün/Marka: MUHTELİF
  • Şikayet Tarihi: 09/07/2024

Dear sirs

Hello, I wish to report a theft and health and safety issue. Please be aware of a drinking water carboy delivery man operating east side of Girne called muhammet, drives a dark unmarked van. The water he is selling is not from a factory, the water smells and the bottles are dirty inside. Who knows from what source the water is from? The bottles leak and are 4, 5 even six years old! We asked for our 180tl per bottle deposits back as we werent happy with the service and he refused to return the deposit and left us with worthless, old, out of date bottles. Not a very nice man. I do not know his vehicle registration number but his phone number is +90 533 844 11 83. Thank you for your time. I am happy to provide any other details to you. Value 720tl = 4 deposits

Regards Andrew Fraser-Smith

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