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I took oxygen bottle in this company (Medikalist, Akçiçek hastanesi Karsisi, Mustafa Çagatay Cad. n. 46 Girne, Tel: 0392 815 45 90 GSM 0533 872 0538, Director Mr. Özlem Karadeniz,) Since I was need it. The cost of the oxygen was 75 TL and I understand the rent of the bottle was 575 Tl. I refill the bottle 3 time, pratically the company gave to me a new bottle every time. When I finish the cure I bring back the bottle in order to get my deposit, but first I was told, “the bottle is empty”after I told I can fil the bottle and give full if they want to. but after he told me that maybe the bottle was contaminated…. After I change it 3 time :))), after I was told they make me a favour to pay back 100 TL !!. I told them I am not stupid and I am not a beggar, I can accept at list 50% of what I pay but they insisted to do not pay. My lawyer called them but they was going on with the same story…. My lawyer told me to contact you…. Please let me know what you can do for help just for the principle I can donate the recovered amount to your good cause. Regards Sebastiano

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