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  • Adınız Soyadınız: Robert and Kim Betts
  • Şikayet Edilen Ürün/Marka: TV Cihazı
I purchased a Samsung 55″ Curved 4k full HD TV on 17/09/2018 at a cost of 6400TL from Marks World Karakum.

On June 14th we went to the Karakum shop and told them that there was a problem with the TV – black lines on the picture. Engineers came on June 14th and looked at the TV. They took it away for repair. I have been in to the Karakum shop several times asking for my TV – they keep making excuses. On June 25th they told me “It will be fixed and back with you in 10 days  time”
We still have not had our TV back. They gave us a temporary TV only until ours is returned but it is not the same as our one and is not as good quality and is not the TV that we chose and paid for..
We now want a replacement TV  – can you help please ?

Thank you.

Robert and Kim Betts

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