Ingate Hotel (MOC Coffee)

  • Adınız Soyadınız: Kiana Hadian
  • Şikayet Edilen Ürün/Marka: Uncategorized
  • Şikayet Tarihi: 01/10/2023
  • Şikayet Görselleri:

I made an order for fettucini chicken, after 1 hour i asked for my order they saud they forgot to give the recipt to kitchen and i had to wait more, after half an hour waiter said they finished Mozzarella cheese i said no problem, when the food came it was Penne chicken, i said i ordered fetucinni, he said they dont have it, he asked if i want to change my order i said no i dont want to change, he took the food and left and came back with money with attitude, this is for you and he alnost throw the money and say this is for you. I asked who is the manager, he said he is. I said i want my recipt he said we cant because the system has problem. Long story short we realized they had fettucini, i got my recipt but not from the time i ordered they gave me new one. Please let me know how i can proceed my complain faster. I provide the recipt but the time is different. I went there at 9:10 food came at 10:30

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