Beko Girne (Levent)

  • Adınız Soyadınız: Arvin
  • Şikayet Edilen Ürün/Marka: TV Beko

I was looking for a new 49′ smart TV. I mentioned more than once that I needed a new updated TV with all features. The seller in Beko Girne ( the one across Koton ) suggested me this model B49L 6750 5B Smart TV which then I learned it doesn’t even have an app store to install new applications like BBC channel or Netflix and etc. So without this option, this TV has no use for me at all.

The day after I tried to return the TV but they didn’t accept not even with a penalty. 

3800 TL I spent on this TV, I should have the right to return it while the seller didn’t exactly know what she was selling.

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