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Şikayete Konu Ürün:  Renault Megane

Şikayet Nedeni: Galeri tarafından güvence verilmesine

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Pzt 07.05.2018 13:19

KKTC. Tüketiciler Derneği,



Hello good afternoon,  I bought a used Renault Megane car on 29th of April from GULER AUTOS Lefkosia , they told me the car was in good condition and even gave a 1 month guarantee, and I paid cash 26,500 TL.  and signed the papers before taking the car home, and on the 3rd of May while I was driving the car to go and do the change of ownership and insurance the car stopped and refused to start, then  I went back the next day to the gallery and they  asked me to bring the car back to them so that they could check it, which I did on Saturday, after the car arrived I was asked to take it to their private mechanic which I also did and the mechanic checked it and said that there was a big problem in the engine which will cost him 2500TL to fix, and when I called back the gallery they told me that it was not their business that I should go and fix it myself, even though they gave me a one month guarantee and lied to me that the engine and the car was in good condition, afterwards I went to the police to complain and the police told me that it was a civil issue and asked me to get a lawyer which I did then the lawyer gave me your number and asked me to call in and make a complain.

please I will be really glad if you can help me because I have spent almost 1000tl to come to lefkosia with taxi and also bring the car from girne to lefkosia and I don’t have any more money to spend on this problem, I need the car to keep up with my school in lefkosia because I am working in girne.


This is the auto gallery  (GULER AUTOS)phone number +905428571588


Ichide Evans [ichide.evans@gmail.com]

This is my phone number+905428894930


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